Preventing heat stroke in dogs in cars, a solution


The recent tragedy of six dogs dying from heat stroke in a car shows how it’s very important to keep your car cool while your dog, or any pet for that matter, is in your car during spring and summer.

Obviously, the best way to prevent this is to:

  • park in the shade
  • leave at least 2 windows cross from each other open to permit air flow
  • minimize the time your dog is left alone in the car and
  • leave a bowl of water for her.

A solution to heat stroke in dogs in cars

Still, the above actions may not be enough to prevent your dog from heat exhaustion in a car.

A better solution then, if you have to bring your dog along, consider parking your car in an underground parkade when ever you can. This will certainly keep your car cool and it’s worth your dog’s life to uncovered parking for the convenience of being close to your destination.

Would a solar powered cooling fan prevent heat stroke in dogs in cars?

Solar powered car window fan | VancouverVetInfoAlso, has anyone tried out solar powered cooling fans on their car windows?

Is it a viable solution if you have to park your car in an uncovered area?  I have access to this product and can get a good bulk deal on them (any interested buyers?), but I’m not going to chance buying them if they don’t work; I’m a bit skeptical if they really can significantly cool a car and thus make the car safe for Fido.

What are your experiences with this product if you’ve tried it? Does it really work?

I may have to buy one and test it out and report back later in a future post…
What are your thoughts on this post? If you have any comments or questions, please write below. We welcome and appreciate your feedback!


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May 20, 2014 |

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